You don’t have to live in fear over COVID-19… You can do something about it!

        By Parker Collins

  • Nutritionist Refuses to Allow People to Live in Fear and Uncertainty
  • Immunity is the Key to Gaining Control Over Your Health
  • Science Admits Lifestyle is Key to Strong Immune Systems

     In times of uncertainty you will always find fear-mongers trying to stir-up emotions and create chaos. Fear is rarely the answer unless you need to run from a bear.

     COVID-19 (CORONOVIRUS) is real and obviously poses a threat to a certain class of the population. From what we understand, this group of individuals have compromised immune systems.

According to Nutritionist Sarah Treat, the best defense to these types of outbreaks is a proven offense. “First and foremost, follow the guidelines of social responsibility. This doesn’t mean simply avoiding social gatherings but includes taking specific actions to strengthen your immune system.”

  1. Those who are higher risk of having compromised immune systems include: Diabetics, autoimmune disorders, antibiotics and immune suppressant medications, smokers, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, poor diet, lack of exercise and stress. According to Harvard Medical School, Health Publishing Sep-2014, nutrition plays a significant role in supporting the immune system, especially in those over 65.
  2. Immunity starts in the gut: Gerard Mullin, M.D., Johns Hopkins gastroenterologist, claims the key to strong immunity is good gut health. “As we age, the natural cycles slow down and don’t work as well.” This, of course, is exacerbated by poor diet.
  3. Exercise isn’t just for the body and heart — it increases your immunity: Physical activity helps flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways, increases antibodies and WBCs to help fight off disease, increases body temperature to fight bad bugs, and produces stress fighting hormones to support the immune system.
  4. Taking Control Over Your Health Reduces Stress Hormones: No one likes feeling vulnerable. Acute and chronic stress due to feeling out of control only exacerbates poor health by producing large amounts of stress hormones, that in time, can weaken our immunity. Gaining the knowledge necessary to take back control of your health is the first step to turning these stress hormones off. Living in hope is, in and of itself, healing and a much better approach than living in fear and uncertainty.

Sarah with husband Jason, Brady, Cassie and Daisy

What Can You Do Today To Take Control Over Your Health?

     You can start by making the decision to live with hope and courage rather than fear. This means TAKING ACTION!

Not sure exactly what to do?

Sarah Treat and her team have a real passion and purpose to support you any way they can. Here’s the caveat…

It all begins with you!

The CORONOVIRUS will eventually burn out and most of us will survive this. From my understanding, this is not the end of these kind of global events. Treat states, “Life is too short and too precious to simply survive. Life is worth living and thriving at your full potential.”


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