December 1 | 7 PM CST | Balancing Hormones Naturally

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About this Event

They say stress & weight gain happen as we age. I say hogwash.

I’m Sarah Treat, a certified clinical nutritionist, and somewhere along the way, we stopped listening to our bodies.

Anxiety, fatigue, tiredness, sleeplessness, weight gain … The list goes on and on. These symptoms aren’t the “joys of aging” or “inevitable.” They’re cries for help.

I’ve helped 100s of women across San Antonio learn how to decipher these symptoms and heal their bodies naturally.

I’d like to invite you to join me for a free, live webinar on Tuesday, Dec. 1 @ 7 pm, where we’ll uncover:

  • The real reason behind these pesky symptoms
  • How to tune into your body and start giving her what she needs
  • Why prescriptions don’t solve problems
  • A solution that doesn’t involve expensive medications

December 8 | 7 PM CST | Boosting Immunity

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About this Event

Expecting cold and flu season to leave you like  …  🤧?!

I’m a certified clinical nutritionist and mom of 3 young kiddos. What if I told you that reducing chronic inflammation can not only make it harder to catch those pesky viruses, it can eliminate a whole host of other symptoms?

I know. I felt the same way when I found out. That’s why I’m hosting a free, live webinar on December 8 at 7 pm CST, where I’ll share:

  • Why inflammation impacts immunity
  • How left untreated, chronic inflammation can lead to life-threatening conditions like heart disease, diabetes and depression
  • How to reduce inflammation
  • What you can do today to boost immunity