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Sarah Treat is a San Antonio Nutritionist Who Embraces the Whole Person

Sarah Treat is joining the ranks of healthcare professionals who are advancing the idea of what healthcare can be. People need care focused on prevention, mental health, and personalized treatments. That's exactly what Sarah Treat offers. Together, we are fostering a healthier future and improved quality of life.

Nutrition is the Foundation of Healing

Health is the foundation of a healthy, happy life. Even if you are busy helping others, your health is what gives you the energy to be there when you’re needed. Without our own health and wellness, we can’t be our best for our families and friends.

So for their sakes, it’s our responsibility to take control of our health and move it in the right direction.

Nutrition is key for longevity and overall wellness. Food fuels everything we do, which makes nutrition the foundation of healing. Chronic symptoms get worse when we don’t eat well, and being overweight leads to many health complications. Schedule a discovery call to learn more about Sarah Treat’s holistic nutrition programs in San Antonio.


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Words from our clients

Working with Sarah Treat has been a life changing experience for me. It is exactly what I needed to help guide me in the right direction. She helped me understand what I should be consuming and what I should be limiting. I lost 30 pounds in 4 months after seeing Sarah. I now think about the things that I am eating and I actually put more thought into my meals. I highly recommend getting her assistance if you are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

D. G.Client of Sarah Treat Nutrition

Having Sarah Treat as my nutritionist has greatly influenced my health for the better! Since working with her I’ve been able to lose 25 pounds in under 3 months and establish healthy habits. Shopping at her store, Local Health Market, has been a convenient one stop shop for my supplements and food options including snacks. I highly recommend both Sarah and LHM!

Priscilla ThorpeClient of Sarah Treat Nutrition

Now I have a person wanting to know what makes me feel better. If you’re looking for hope and guidance and that light in your day, just sit down with Sarah and have a consult with her. See if she will be the person that can help you have hope in your day until you can have hope in yourself again.

Shannon ByrumClient of Sarah Treat Nutrition

In just six months, I went from 28% body fat to 18% body fat and lost a total of 25 fat pounds. My experience with Sarah has been nothing short of AMAZING! Overall I’m down 15 pounds and my body shape has changed drastically. I’m no longer embarrassed to swim in front of others with my kids. My clothes fit better. I feel more energetic and not always so tired. The thing I found most interesting was that I didn’t really have to work that hard at it. Once Sarah educated me on what foods to eat, I made some different food choices and really started to see the results. I’m still going out with family and friends and enjoying myself. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet or that I can’t “have fun.” The changes are easy, she can work with you to create a program that is specific to you and your lifestyle. I’m so glad I did it. If you are reading this and want to make a change, I hope you reach out – take the first step by making an appointment with Sarah. You’ll be so glad you did!

Christopher KoobClient of Sarah Treat Nutrition


from Google Reviews
If you’re looking for a great nutritionist contact Sarah Treat Nutrition. Coach Emily was assigned to meet with me weekly. She helped me get the right amount of protein and other nutrients in my body that resulted in reducing fat and increasing muscle in my body. I was measured and used the different tools that helped me make the changes. In addition I got the right supplements that I personally needed. Thanks Coach Emily for your support!!!
Melinda Foster
Melinda Foster
Thanks to Sarah and her staff for helping me get back on track with my nutrition but most of all helping me get my hormones under control. I was having severe hot flashes and was not sleeping at night but now, I still have a few flashes but they are manageable and sleeping much better. I also had many aches and pains that with the proper nutrition have seem to disappear. Here's to good health... Thank you.
Aubrey T
Aubrey T
There aren’t enough words of how happy I am that my husband and I decided to say “yes” to Sarah Treat Nutrition. We were on an unhealthy path making poor food choices, gaining weight, and causing sickness internally, but when we agreed to commit to getting healthy with Sarah and her staff our outlook changed drastically in a positive direction. As a healthcare practitioner, I was personally impressed and pleased that Sarah requested and thoroughly reviewed any recent lab results we had, specifically metabolic profile, A1c, and fasting blood sugar. She personalized our plan from our evaluation and discussion regarding foods we like and dislike. Her program provides a binder of education and recipes to set yourself up in the right direction for success. It has been 2 months since we made the commitment to getting healthy with the help of Sarah and her staff and I have lost 15 pounds and my husband has lost 23 pounds. Being aware of what I am eating and how much I am eating has not only help me to lose weight, but has made me feel better about myself, more confident in my own body, and has given me hope to becoming a healthier person mentally and physically. Emily and Melinda also need to be thanked because of what they have brought to the table on keeping us accountable and also giving great tips on certain brands that are actually delicious and healthy to use in our cooking. The Local Health Market has amazing food, yummy smoothies, prepared meals that make life easier when time is not on your side, and great protein snacks. I am so happy my physician referred us to Sarah Treat Nutrition and am eternally grateful for Sarah, Emily, and Melinda in helping my husband and I become healthier versions of ourselves and for being our biggest cheerleaders!
Cristian Tolentino
Cristian Tolentino
Very knowledgeable staff. Extremely informative and encouraging. They do a great bit of research to ensure the plan created is best for you specifically that help fill your goals long term. I would highly recommend if you're having trouble losing weight on your own. This is not a diet program, but a lifestyle change program.
As a fitness professional, I know what to do, but wasn't doing it! Sarah Treat & staff helped me get back on track. Honing in my nutrition, to get the right supplementation and protein has improved my performance and recovery tremendously. In just 3 short months I have lost inches, pounds, and total body fat! I highly recommend this team to help anyone with their nutritional goals. Food is fuel and more than 85% of being fit. Mindset is everything, and this team will help you get there too!
Sonia Salinas
Sonia Salinas
holding securely to the my walking cane, I entered the office of Sarah Treat and was greeted by friendly smiles. I was tired of trying to figure out how to make the changes to improve health and nutrition issues. At the age of 79, I knew it would be quite challenging. Satisfying my palate resulted in multiple health issues; Balance and mobility, Diabetes, Inflammation and Obesity. I knew I needed professional help. By Grace, I found Sarah; my journey to transformation through mindset change, and self care , through the holistic approach began. My new reality is that at any age, change is possible; with Sarah and her teams encouragement, I joined a gym, exercise 3 to 4 times weekly, have lost 20 pounds, radically reduced A1C [ a 3 month glucose test ] and now walk without a cane. My husband has also benefitted, and has lost 19 pounds. My journey is ongoing, slowly, surely, I continue improving my health, and will reach my weight loss goal. Sarah and her team are passionate, and a beacon of light for the journey.
Dannia Loera-Rimas
Dannia Loera-Rimas
I have found the fountain of youth AKA Sarah Treat, Clinical Nutritionist! WHAT! Folks, this is no joke. If you are serious about living a healthier lifestyle, eating clean and have fitness and weight loss goals, find your way to Sarah. With dedication, true intention and self-discipline we can all achieve our goals but the struggle is real! The reality is we don’t wake up every morning with a self-focus to make our health and fitness goals the sole priority of our day. As much as we try, life gets in the way. You take a backseat to spouse, children and work/career priorities and resort to quick fixes like fad diets or crazy workouts that realistically you are not going to keep up with and aren’t always healthy for you. So here’s my advice to you because it 100% worked for me. I stopped trying to do it all by myself. I needed professional assistance from someone who could help me find ways to make better food choices given the extreme limited time I have for cooking or grocery shopping. Someone that could show me the art of macro tracking. Educating me on the types of macros and portion sizes I should be consuming and staying within if I intended to see results in meeting my fitness goals. Sarah is it!! A highly professional and knowledgeable nutritionist that gave me a very personalized roadmap that paved the express lane for me to meet my goals with absolute ease. No restrictive diet, no exhaustive workouts. It has been all too easy to follow and maintain. They say abs are made in the kitchen and I truly believe that but my number one problem is, I don’t have time to be in the kitchen! So, another great piece of advice is this, Sarah and her staff at the Local Health Market can make the cooking and meal planning a no brainer. Personally, I get all my meals from the Local Health Market. They have a wide variety of options and it never gets boring. I haven’t tasted one yet, I didn’t like. So for me, the new saying goes like this, “Abs are made and can be found over the counter at your Local Health Market” I’m 40 years old, lost 12 lbs, I have abs now. I feel great on the inside and I sure as hell don’t look 40 on the outside ;) Thank you Sarah and crew. I am forever indebted to you for leading me to the fountain of youth. Blessing to you and I hope you keep making positive impacts in people’s lives.
Bethany Ragland
Bethany Ragland
I worked with Emily at Sarah Treats office and just the knowledge obtained was beyond worth every penny and time spent. My journey I started at 275 pounds and am down to 218 in 5 months time. Their knowledge and recommendations on how to maintain a sustainable meal plan has helped my overall success. I will recommend them ten times over!
Shelly Lewis
Shelly Lewis
Excellent service and very beneficial for living a healthy lifestyle! Sarah’s team works with you individually to plan what will work best for your body. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. I went in having several gut issues and through their help I’m feeling so much better now. I’ve learned many positive ways to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are amazing!
San Antonio Nutritionist

Sarah Treat, MS, CCN

I am committed to helping people feel better, so they can do the things in their lives that fuel their passions. For years, I’ve been a trusted nutritionist here in San Antonio. Many of my clients suffer from fatigue, pain, digestive issues, diabetes, arthritis, skin issues, and many more ailments.

Once we start addressing the root causes one at a time, the symptoms they are experiencing are greatly reduced, and many times go away for good. EVERY person in this planet is unique, special, and is designed to do something amazing. I love helping people feel their best, so they can fulfill their amazing purpose.

Sarah Treat Nutritionist

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Sarah Treat Nutritionist

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