Shannon Found Light in Her Darkness

Shannon was on 23 different medications from six different doctors and didn’t know where she could find solid answers. Through her harrowing struggle she found Sarah and with Sarah’s guidance was able to triumph through her dark times into a life full of hope and happiness.

There was a moment in my life where I was just not healthy and I was on 23 prescription medicines. I had six doctors and all they were doing was putting me on another medicine that would counteract another medicine. I remember sitting on my couch crying to my husband telling him I can’t do this anymore. The changes I made to my life I couldn’t do without Sarah because I didn’t have the knowledge. With Sarah, she would sit down and find out what my individual needs were. I never listened to my body and just went to the doctor expecting to get better. Now I have a person wanting to know what makes me feel better. If you’re looking for hope and guidance and that light in your day, just sit down with Sarah and have a consult with her. See if she will be the person that can help you have hope in your day until you can have hope in yourself again.

~ Shannon Byrum

PLEASE READ!! Tired of starting and stopping diets? Tired of buying into every silver bullet/quick fix fad diet that doesn’t work or worse, are you taking diet pills?

I’m a 55 year old hard working mom w/ two beautiful grown daughters. I’ve done it all. I’ve lost weight the wrong way, only to gain back more. I’ve taken diet pills hoping for a quick fix and it only set me back in the long run and it left me feeling worse than before. Are you also hearing something different every other week about what we should and shouldn’t eat? Are you overwhelmed and confused? I was.

Then I met Sarah at one of her free seminars a few months ago. I started working with her on May 1st. I was 45#’s overweight and postmenopausal. For some reason, my body has decided to have night sweats again along with some other hormonal issues. Awesome! Not! Needless to say, I was not feeling good when I walked into her seminar. On top of carrying around way too much weight, my joints hurt and my skin looked terrible. I signed up w/ Sara the night of the seminar, but I have to say I still wasn’t completely committed.

I didn’t get commit until I had my first one on one meeting with her and I realized she’s the real deal. After talking to Sarah, reality set in. I’m going to have to do the work and I’m going to have to take responsibility for what I’m eating and drinking. There’s no magic bullet and telling yourself BS lies about why you’re overweight isn’t going to fix your problem.

Sara helped me understand that holding myself accountable is up to me and that I’m worth it. She walked me through what to eat, drink, and yes, we discuss exercising. She’s also giving me good perspective on how hormonal imbalances can slow or stop weight loss. She’s helping me through it all. She doesn’t expect any crazy food plan or crazy exercise. She just wants you to eat clean and move! Sarah and her awesome team prepare delicious foods in house that you can purchase and her supplements are the highest quality in the market.

You’re not required to purchase anything in the store but once you go to LHM and you see the quality of the product, you will! I am using several supplements and I’ve lost 20 pounds in 13 weeks. I’m almost halfway to my goal! I feel so much better and I’m enjoying exercise again for the first time in years. If I can do it, you can do it! You have to start where you’re at. Most importantly, just get started and don’t give up on yourself. Make the investment in yourself!! Sarah and her team are worth every penny!!

~ Donna Higginbotham

I highly recommend utilizing Sarah Treats services! Through her program I was able to improve my energy, reduce body fat % and increase muscle mass. The one on one meetings were educational and informative. The zoom group meetings helped bring together a lot of the information and the opportunity to share your experience and learn from others.

~ Eric Wiegel

When I first started out, I really had no idea I would experience such dramatic results! My main goal was healing my gut lining and improving my nutrient absorption. OH, BOY WAS I SURPRISED! Within a few days I could already tell my digestion had improved, and my body started feeling better overall. I immediately started exercising regularly with my nutrition plan. My endurance, energy levels and recovery began to improve. My hot-flashes and night sweats disappeared! GONE!

Through all of this I made it clear to her I was only concerned with my health and symptoms, not weight loss. BUT, of course it affected my weight! I lost body fat and I’m gaining muscle mass. WOW, my clothes fit different now. I just feel amazing!

My blood work follow-up with my doctor after 3 months with Sarah IMPROVED! Though there is no cure for my disease, my kids and I joke that I AM CURED!

I highly recommend anyone that just wants to feel better, no matter the situation, sit down with Sarah!  She is worth every $$! Take a good look at your budget and make this a priority so that you, too, can FINALLY live your best life!

~ Nicole Hutchins

I was hopeful when I signed up for Sarah’s live webinar, but also skeptic. I was dealing with loss of energy, rapid heart rate, weight gain, bloating and low self esteem. She taught me how to eat healthier, count calories, mindset, planning, recipes, and much more. I feel much healthier. I have energy, regular heart rate, better hair and nails, and my weight and body fat has reduced. I feel like a new person and better about myself. Surprisingly, the cost was reasonable and the best investment I’ve ever made for my health. She isn’t just about our body. She teaches about our mind too. Extremely Motivational! I highly, highly recommend Sarah! Truely Life Changing!

~ Patty Casillas

I had this issue with belly fat (hormones or age?) and had no energy in the afternoons. I thought of myself as a healthy person — ate veggies, exercised — so what could she tell me that I didn’t know? Sarah created a plan for me and to date, I’ve lost a total of 7 inches (2 from my hips!) and 15 pounds. My belly fat is shrinking, and I have energy in the afternoons. I was pleasantly surprised by the information I learned in the classes that helped me with my goals.

This was an investment in myself and I’m pleased by what I’ve learned and how I feel today! You have to put in the work, but the results you get back are worth it! I highly recommend Sarah!

~ Debbie Hooge

Priscilla Thorpe’s Journey Back to Health

Priscilla was the heaviest she had ever been in 2018. Her energy and concentration were suffering. The anxiety she felt in her life drove her to take action and so she did. Watch the video below to see how Priscilla improved her health and life.

Having Sarah Treat as my nutritionist has greatly influenced my health for the better! Since working with her I’ve been able to lose 25 pounds in under 3 months and establish healthy habits. Shopping at her store, Local Health Market, has been a convenient one stop shop for my supplements and food options including snacks. I highly recommend both Sarah and LHM!

~ Priscilla Thorpe

In just six months, I went from 28% body fat to 18% body fat and lost a total of 25 fat pounds. My experience with Sarah has been nothing short of AMAZING! Overall I’m down 15 pounds and my body shape has changed drastically. I’m no longer embarrassed to swim in front of others with my kids. My clothes fit better. I feel more energetic and not always so tired. The thing I found most interesting was that I didn’t really have to work that hard at it. Once Sarah educated me on what foods to eat, I made some different food choices and really started to see the results. I’m still going out with family and friends and enjoying myself. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet or that I can’t “have fun.” The changes are easy, she can work with you to create a program that is specific to you and your lifestyle. I’m so glad I did it. If you are reading this and want to make a change, I hope you reach out – take the first step by making an appointment with Sarah. You’ll be so glad you did!

~ Christopher Koob

Sarah is wonderful! Super friendly and inciteful. She has helped my husband be well on his way to better nutrition and a better way of living because of it. She also helped me guide me towards supplements to help with my major digestion and sleep issues. I have more energy then I have had in awhile and feel better all around. Jason is equally awesome! and the food and smoothies/bowls/ juices are tip top and so soo good! not to mention pretty!

~ Mary Rudy

Sarah started me on my weight loss journey. She took the time to sit down with me and put a plan together that was right for me. Since my first meeting with Sarah, I have lost 27 lbs and gone to 23% PBF to 11% PBF. My eating habits have definitely changed, and i feel much healthier. Thank you for all of the help and support! The prepared meals are awesome. Stop in and try one!

~ Mark Dieterie

I learned about Local Health Market through a co-worker and five of us signed up for and InBody composition scan and Macro class. All my co-workers including myself love the Macro program. All five of us have lost weight easily and Sarah has guided the program providing advise as we track our food via an app. I went a step further because I eat out 90% of the time and signed up for the 14 day custom meal pre plan. All my meals are prepped, they taste amazing, and I have lost 9.6lbs in just under 20 days. This is not a diet. The food has protein, fat and carbs but with the macro diet it is all about having the right portions of each at each meal. I had no idea one could eat this way and lose weight, be healthy and it be so easy. I am past the 14 day meal plan but I love the prepped meals so much, and since I eat out most of the time, I have continued to purchase my meals at Local Health Market. I look forward to the food it is that good. Local Health Market sells various food selections just like any other market so you do not have to be on a plan to go purchase food or supplements. It is a nutrition store with tables and chairs to eat there as well. They sell smoothies, bullet proof coffee, prepped meals and salads, supplements, snacks, food, etc. They just started opening at 7am for those that need bullet proof coffee, a green or banana/strawberry whey protein shake or other hot breakfast. Thank you Local Health Market, Sarah, Jason and Jane.

~ Beckie Gergen

I am truly enjoying my experience as Sarah and team help me achieve my goals of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. The whole team is absolutely supportive and as many have commented the food is tremendously good. I would encourage anyone looking to make healthier dietary choices to start here.

~ Antoinette Grice

Sarah Treat Nutritionist

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