Why have food allergies doubled in the last 20 years?  What has changed?

You NEED to watch this video if you or your children have food allergies:

I wish one little pill would reverse food allergies and you could instantly eat whatever you want.

Healing the gut lining will take dedication and commitment.  You will need to be consistent with healing foods and key supplements.

Steps To Healing Your Gut

  1. Take your time with the supplements, add one at a time every 3-7 days.
  2. Stop eating the these inflammatory foods: dairy, wheat, sugar, soy, alcohol, corn (except organic), soda.
  3. Stop eating GMO foods, almost identical to the list above… Ironic…
  4. Re-acidify your stomach acid.  Metagest and/or Apple Cider Vinegar will ease gas and bloating, help protein break down more effectively, and kill off candida.
  5. Soothe and rebuild the gut lining with Bone Broth for 4-6 months.  6-8 oz most days of the week.  This is the best investment you will EVER make if you have gut and food allergy issues.
  6. Rebuild the good bacteria with probiotics and fermented foods (1/2 c a day of fermented veggies, 8 oz of Kombucha a day) and a good probiotic supplement.
  7. Increase your overall body pH and enzymes with raw green powders full of phyto-nutrients.
  8. Kill off bad bacteria and clear brain fog with MCT Oil.
  9. Calm down, literally.  Stress will irritate your gut like no other.  Fear, chronic stress, and negativity keep the nervous system on high alert, and tighten up the entire digestive system.