Are you PRO-active or RE-active when it comes to a healthy routine?

Let’s take a quiz to find out.

1.  I have a dinner plan for the week that includes 2-3 cups of vegetables each night.

Yes-PROactive     No-REactive

2.  I set out my healthy morning routine the night before, so I don’t forget anything.  If I am working out in the morning, I am all set up.  My clothes, shoes, headphones, water bottle are all ready to go.  I get my glass ready for 16 ounces of water– I set out my supplements — I get my coffee ready — my blender is locked and loaded for that protein smoothie I plan on making before I leave the house.  I also have an idea what I am going to feed my kids for breakfast.

Yes-PROactive     No-REactive

4.  My lunch and snack for the next day is all packed up and ready to go for tomorrow.  I do that while making dinner.  I also get everyone else’s lunch ready.  They help if they are old enough (7 and up).

Yes-PROactive    No-REactive

5.  My workouts are on my calendar.  Even if I don’t get them all in, at least I have a plan.  I might have to move them around or miss one here or there, but I have my exercise plan set up for the week.

Yes-PROactive     No-REactive

Healthy doesn’t just happen. Convenience has crippled us. Practice some of the skills I mentioned above, you’ll be amazed how much smoother your day goes.  You will feel more empowered and make better choices.  I hope this article helps you see where you can improve.