A Unique Approach

I work with busy, health conscious individuals and families that are looking for a long term solution to their health issues, and ready to make some changes.

I have the greatest success with clients who…

  • Have taken responsibility for their health
  • Open to learning and listening to another point of view
  • They have realized that what they are doing isn’t working
  • Willing to put the time and energy into their health, a little bit of elbow grease!
  • Willing to learn how to have a better relationship with themselves and stop beating themselves up
  • Wanting to achieve important things in their life and pursue their passions

I am dedicated to uncovering the healthy, happy, energetic, lean person living underneath all those layers!

In addition to becoming a lot healthier…

  • More organized in all areas of life
  • Learn the magic of PLANNING AHEAD
  • Less mental clutter, more peace
  • Better Sleep
  • Dramatically cut the costs of medical care (meds, doctor visits, surgeries, procedures)
  • Inspired to pursue your passions and dreams because you feel so much better!

The key to success is to identify the stressors that are causing the problem and addressing them one at a time.  When I work with you, we will determine your level of readiness for change, and create a life-friendly plan that is do-able.  This will not happen overnight, but the changes will be permanent and life-long.  This is the DIFFERENCE maker!

Guess what?  I have been there.  I have overcome health challenges, up and down weight, and a big case of beating myself up mentally.  Through my own journey and loads of education (a master’s degree in nutrition, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, reading 100’s of books from health and wellness experts), I have designed a system of creating core change and permanent results for those who ready to start.

The minimum time frame I will work with a client is 3-6 months, and ideally one year.  It takes time to make permanent lifestyle changes, and my goal for you is to not need to hire someone else after me.  You will have the self-control, skills, and be on your way after a year.  I am not the nutrition and health coach for you if you are looking for a quick fix plan to get some weight off.  I also am not going to load you up with a bunch of expensive supplements and tests.  

If you would like to learn more about my programs and services, email me at sarah@sarahtreatnutrition.com to set up a time to talk in person or over the phone.  I do not charge for this and will not do a sales push on you.  I will be interviewing you as well, making sure you are a right fit for me!

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