Do you have hormone
or metabolic imbalance issues?
How do you know?
Is it easy to fix? YES!

Dealing with day to day life, when you have something that’s just off, but you don’t know quite how to explain it, can be quite difficult. Sarah Treat specializes in helping individuals get back to their best self with improvements to physical, mental, and emotional balance. This isn’t something that’s super simple and that’s why you need our professional help. If you suffer from any of the following major health issues – we can help you with an easy natural treatment and a plan to get you back on track in no time:

  • Poor sleep – hard to wake up

  • Low energy – tired all the time

  • Low libido – no sexual energy

  • Fast weight gain – difficult to lose weight

  • Quick to lose temper – stressed and anxious

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Pillar of Health  |  Hormone & Metabolic Balance

Hormones Metabolic BalanceHormones are powerful messengers and work in a beautiful harmony when they are all balanced. Chronic stress, poor sleep, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise all contribute to the symphony getting out of balance and not “sound” right.






Healthy stress response; energy Poor sleep, fatigue, hard to wake up


Bone health, sexual health Painful periods, hot flashes, adult acne, weight gain in hips and thighs, ‘man’ breasts


Healthy menstrual flow, sleep, healthy pregnancy Poor sleep, missed periods, painful and/or heavy periods, healthy pregnancy


Energy, sex drive, fat burning Low energy, low libido, muscle loss


Gateway for glucose to enter cell and create energy Sugar cravings, fatigue between meals, difficult to lose weight


Lifestyle is medicine. Improving nutrition, exercise, detoxification, and the stress response are huge steps to improving hormone balance.

In our practice, we use a combination of a detailed metabolic questionnaire and blood work if needed to find out which hormones are out of balance. From there, we will recommend a customized supplement protocol to balance body chemistry quicker, while lifestyle changes are being implemented to heal inflammation.

Common Hormone Conditions

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hashimoto’s Disease
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Psoriasis
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)