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Accept and Appreciate Your Life

Accepting and Appreciating Where You Are At — RIGHT NOW

Recently my husband and I finally were able to get away for 3 nights. No kids, no work — just us doing what WE wanted to do! It was FANTASTIC — a much needed break.

However, while I was gone, I became so incredibly appreciative of my crazy, busy, and hectic life. I realized how lucky I am in all the chaos — to have the chaos!

I started to appreciate….

  • The dirty dishes — it meant my family was eating at home.
  • The messes — that means my kids are happily playing!
  • My body — it’s not quite the same as it was before the kids, but I am very appreciative for my health and the fact that I could even have kids.
  • The business — so busy, so many things to do, but I began to find so many things to appreciate. My staff, who is so passionate about their work; the relationships we have developed with our customers; the JOY of helping people improve their health; the pride of owning our own business and being proud of how far we’ve come instead of constantly being frustrated with what we haven’t done yet.
  • Little league baseball — even though it’s 10 hours a week of our precious free time, my son is learning so much and has found something he LOVES. The beautiful, crisp spring nights, the cheers, the smell of burgers cooking, the younger siblings playing together behind the bleachers. It’s beautiful — and he is not playing a video game!

I challenge you to be more appreciative!

Sometimes we push way too much. Driving toward a goal, upset about not being there yet, thinking that accomplishing a certain goal (losing weight, making more money) will bring bliss and happiness. It doesn’t — it just brings frustration.

Being more appreciative can be REALLY good for both your health and your mental state of mind. Accepting where you are RIGHT NOW and finding the good and beauty in your current situation will actually propel you so much faster toward your goals.

I hope I can inspire you to work on being more accepting and appreciative!



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