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What do you need help with?​

Weight Loss, Fat Loss

Health Issue

  • Generally healthy, but need to lose weight, body fat, and eat better.

  • Are you an athlete, work out a lot but you aren’t getting good results? This path is for you!

  • Do you have a health issue, such as hormone imbalance, fatigue, digestive issues, diabetes/insulin resistance, etc.?

  • Do you also need help with a meal plan that will help you heal along with your fitness/body composition goals?

Meal Plan (A)

Meal Plan (B)

Meal Plan (C)

Current State of Metabolic and Functional Health

  • InBody body composition test
  • Meet with Sarah (allow 1 hr)
  • Look at how you are currently eating and tweak your foods to get results
  • $95
  • InBody body composition test
  • Meet with Sarah (allow 1.5 hours)
  • 3 day sample meal plan with 3 choices per meal, and snack for more options, with a substitution list
  • $165
  • InBody body composition test
  • No fuss, no cooking, no thinking
  • We will provide all your food, snacks, and supplements, based on your body composition test, activity level, and goals
  • $49 setup fee + cost of food (approx. $25-28 per day)
  • InBody body composition test and analysis
  • Metabolic and Functional Health analysis… look at every body system and beyond
  • Supplement recommendations
  • 1 day meal plan with a substitution list and recipes
  • Specific actions steps to improve your health, inside and out
  • $195

Now What?

Ongoing Health Coaching

  1. Lifestyle coaching for folks who need help to stay on the right track, and for my weight loss clients that are still working to achieve their goal and need continued support.

  2. There is no agreement to sign — it’s your call on when you no longer need me!

2 Coaching Sessions per Month

1 Coaching Session per Month

All-Inclusive Support

  • 30 minutes, includes Inbody, measurements
  • Email communication every week
  • $125/month
  • 30 minutes with Inbody
  • Continue to get encouragement, expanded recipes and menu, stay accountable!
  • Weekly email communication between appointments
  • $75/month
  • Trainerize all-inclusive app, meals plans, workout schedule
  • Weekly email communication
  • Meet once a month for Inbody and health coaching for 30 minutes
  • $295 first month, $195/month for following months
  • 5% off entire store purchases while enrolled

Other Consultation Rates

$45 – 1/2 hour

$90 – 1 hour

$75 – 1 hour family, kids, teenagers


New Client Forms

Client Information Form Metabolic Questionnaire

 Tell me how I can help you!


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