MEET YOUR METABOLISM:  The Source of Your Health, Energy and Vitality

Let’s figure out together where you are at with your health, and where you want to go. 

What I need prior to our first session:

  • New client information form
  • Metabolic questionnaire

Walk away with:

  • a simply, one day meal plan
  • a healing diet food list and serving recommendations
  • supplement recommendations
  • key lifestyle changes
  • InBody body composition report, macros and calorie baseline

Fee $95 per hour; 15% discount for family nutrition sessions

90 DAY HEALTH COACHING PROGRAM: Ideal for Weight Loss and Body-Fat Loss

Permanent lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight — you need a coach. You need knowledge, skills, support and accountability.

You don’t go to a personal trainer once and then say, I got it from here! Healthy habits take time, and you need to build good habits, one or two at a time. 

In this customized individual program you will:

  • Kick start your metabolism
  • Transform your body composition, lose fat
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve you digestion
  • Curb your cravings
  • Balance your hormones
  • Feel more energetic

Session 1 – Meet your Metabolism session

Session 2 – Personal 3 Day Meal Plan (1 hour)

Session 3 – Alkalinity, Gut Health, and Inflammation, Understanding the Underlying Causes (30 minutes)

Session 4 – Exercise and Sleep (30 minutes)

Session 5 – Out to Eat and Vacations (30 minutes)

Session 6 – More Recipes, Eating the Rainbow (30 minutes)

Session 7 – New Recipes, Expand Horizons, Strategies to Keep Going

Program Cost $495


Do you need consulting and advice for a chronic health condition? Hormone imbalance, fatigue, digestive issues, diabetes/insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, etc?

Session 1 – Meet your Metabolism session

Session 2 – Dig Deeper into Healing Body Chemistry — Alkalinity and Gut Health

Session 3 – Stress and Sleep, additional labs

Session 4 – Menu Planning and Expanding your Meal Planning, Prepping, and Cooking Skills

Cost of Package $295

$75 – Family Nutrition session

Monthly and Twice Monthly Nutrition Coaching available